What is withholding tax?

Every time you receive dividends on your foreign stock investments, you are taxed twice: with both foreign withholding tax and domestic capital gains tax. There are plenty of reasons to not apply for reimbursement.

What's so difficult about it?

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Complex application processes

Refund applications are very different between countries and it is difficult to figure out where to even start.

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Costly refund procedure

Tax refunds can cause some unforeseen costs, and it is not easy to know beforehand if it is worth the effort.

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Time-consuming procedure

It is hard to keep track of things, because refund procedures can span out across multiple weeks, months or even years

But is it worth it?

Double taxation using the example of Nestlé

As you can see in the example on the right, refunds are about hard cash. Incidentally, with the Maximizer, the calculation of the refundable amount is always free of charge for you. Our transparent pricing model guarantees that ultimately, you will always make a profit.

More about the pricing model
Calculation of capital gains through withholding tax reimbursement

Fancy a short version?

Click here for a quick 90 second video explanation of the full process.