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Reclaim your foreign withholding tax hassle-free. We automate the process for you.
Withholding tax refunds
Is it worth it?

Double taxation using the example of Switzerland

As you can see in the illustration, this is about real cash. In the example, 20% of the gross dividend can be refunded from Switzerland.

By the way, the calculation of the refundable amount is always free of charge for you in the Divizend Maximizer. Our transparent pricing model guarantees that you always end up with a profit.

Calculate your refund opportunities now.
Gross dividend
Net dividend
Capital gains tax
Withholding tax(Switzerland)
Refundvia Divizend
How much can I refund?
Refund calculator

We currently support the following countries for refunds. From which of them do you own dividend-paying stocks?

196019701980199020002010202010 000100 0001 000 000 Fr.Reinvesting dividend andrefunded withholding tax3 410 000No reinvesting745 000Reinvesting dividend withoutwithholding tax refund2 523 000
A long-term example
Imagine... had invested CHF 10,000 in Nestlé shares in 1960.

With that, from today's perspective, you would have already done a lot of things right.

Depending on how you have handled your dividends over the years and whether or not you would have refunded Swiss withholding tax, the value of your shares today could range from CHF 743,000 to CHF 3,410,000.

But how do I get the maximum out of it?
Refund quickly explained
How does it work?

90 seconds cleverly invested.

In 90 seconds, our video shows you why withholding taxes on foreign dividend income are a significant issue and how our platform helps you to get this money back from foreign tax authorities. This way, you can easily maximize your returns, which will significantly contribute to your long-term investment success.

Our innovations
Why use Divizend?

No more complicated application procedures

The application forms vary greatly from country to country and are hard to understand due to the use of technical tax terms. This makes it difficult to carry out the refund quickly and without issues.

Your advantages with Divizend

  • unified process, same look and feel for all refund countries

  • error-free applications through automatic validation, depot import and pre-filling

  • simple step-by-step instructions

Reclaim forms
Payment in Maximizer

Profitable refund process

Traditional withholding tax refunds can become a significant time and cost factor for you. At the same time, it is not easy to know in advance whether it is even worth the effort.

With Divizend you eliminate this risk and have the highest transparency in advance about the amount of your refunds.

Time is money

With the traditional way, it can be difficult for you to keep track of your refund applications, as they can stretch over several weeks, months or even years.

We use digital interfaces, if available, so that you can submit your applications with just one click. With us, you have a long-term and reliable partner at your side who will always keep you up to date while reliably reminding you of deadlines.

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Withholding tax refunds
Divizend at a glance
Divizend at a glance
Our target groups
For whom?

In short - for everyone!

Anyone who receives dividends from another country and would like to have the excess withholding tax refunded at a reasonable price will find the right partner in Divizend. You can find out what additional benefits await you and how to contact us by clicking on your target group category.