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Always exit with profits — guaranteed.

One account — multiple services

At Divizend you register once and free of charge. With our Screener, Actor and Maximizer we offer you tailor-made services with which you can systematically build up and sustainably increase your dividend income.

Screener – The world's first interactive dividend calendar for private investors

Full database access with thousands of stocks from all major international markets

Historical dividend information for the past 20 years

Elaborate filter options, e.g., by country, industry or dividend yield

Graphical and tabular evaluations according to these filters

Saving filters and evaluations

Individual watchlists with reminders

Free forever

Actor – The intelligent assistant for building your second income

More information about the Actor will be published soon. Register without obligation to stay up to date.

Maximizer – The first digital withholding tax refund service

Automated import of your personal securities accounts via bank interfaces

Checking your portfolios for refund opportunities

Profitability calculation for the refund

Determining the net refund amount

Free forever

Intelligent pre-filling of application form data and attachments

Guided tax assistant with step-by-step instructions

Automated generation of the appropriate claim documents

Digital application (if supported, e.g., Switzerland)

17.5 %

per successful refund

Supported refund countries: Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Australia

Additionally supported in the future: Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, China, Japan

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