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Divizend is now part of the 11th edition of the highly prestigious Luxembourg Fit 4 Start program of 2021.

What is Fit 4 Start?

Fit 4 Start was launched in 2015 by the Luxembourg Ministry of Economic Affairs and is managed by Luxinnovation with the support of TechnoPort and the Luxembourg City Incubator. It quickly evolved into the leading program for founding and accelerating startups in Luxembourg. Fit 4 Start offers entrepreneurs intensive coaching, attractive pre-seed financing and access to important networks.

What are the next steps?

In the next 16 weeks, valuable workshops of leading experts in many different areas will take place. Additionally, we will establish further valuable connections to Luxembourg's dynamic start-up ecosystem, as well as to exciting partners from the financial industry. Through successfully participating, we will not only get access to free co-working space, but also to equity-free €150,000, which will allow us to continue accelerating our growth.

With its participation in CATAPULT Kickstarter and the program’s mentoring sessions, workshops and contacts with industrial partners, Divizend makes another important step towards the Luxembourg market.

What is CATAPULT Kickstarter?

CATAPULT Kickstarter 2021 is a four-week program developed by the LHoFT Foundation in close cooperation with the Luxembourg Ministry of Economic Affairs. The program is targeted at ten FinTech startups from around the world and supports the participating companies in their growth with excellent partners from the financial industry. In order to effectively use the strengths of the Luxembourg community and skills, the selected companies are all involved in providing services for financial institutions (B2B), with a particular focus on InsurTech, Regetech, Fundtech and ESG (Greentech).

What are the next steps?

Five of the ten participating companies will be granted up to €50,000 from the Luxembourg Ministry of Economic Affairs upon fulfilling the funding eligibility criteria. Through the successful participation, we will establish further valuable contacts to the Luxembourg financial industry, in particular to banks, asset managers and family offices.

Divizend could prevail among the hundred finalists of South Summit 2021, including some unicorns, and win this year's South Summit Fintech & InsurTech Pitching Competition.

What is the South Summit Fintech & InsurTech Pitching Competition?

The Virtual South Summit Fintech & InsurTech Pitching Competition is a joint digital initiative of South Summit and IE University, which brings together all the top stakeholders in the industry. It includes workshops with industry experts and a startup competition in which the most disruptive startups present their projects in front of industry-leading investors and companies.

The South Summit and its associated conference are relevant in particular to the Spanish market; several Spanish media portals have reported on our success. Additionally, this is another important building block for our expansion to the Iberian Peninsula and for cooperating with leading institutions from the region such as banks and financial services providers.

With its outstanding business plan, Divizend was able to win the 4th place of the second phase of the Munich Business Plan competition. We will also participate in the third phase.

What is the Munich Business Plan Competition?

The Munich Business Plan Competition (Münchner Businessplan Wettbewerb) is one of Germany’s most renowned awards that startups can receive for their innovative business concepts. All winners have an excellent understanding of their market and customers, as well as enormous real growth potential in highly diverse industries in common. The competition is initiated by BayStartUP, which has been promoting and supporting entrepreneurship from Southern Bavaria since 1996.

What are the next steps?

The Business Plan Competition is divided into three phases. The first phase mainly focuses on the overall business idea and the customer benefit analysis. In phase 2, the main focus lies on marketing concept and sales, where we were able to fully convince the high-class jury with our business plan. Now we are in the third and last phase. For this, we will expand our business plan from phase 2 specifically with our capital requirements, as well as our revenue and financial plans.

Divizend was accepted into the German Accelerator program, which for us represents a further milestone in our expansion to new markets. This program is now particularly focused on the US, which fits in very well with our other plans.

What is German Accelerator?

German Accelerator focuses on German startups that want to expand internationally. With strategic partners such as Deloitte Digital, Salesforce and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the startups are supported in expanding into the United States and Asia.

What are the next steps?

The first kick-off event will take place on May 11th. Intensive mentoring sessions will take place in the following two weeks and we will establish valuable contacts with experts in the relevant markets.

Today, Divizend has been accepted into the STARTPLATZ accelerator since today, which is a very important step for us to sustainably strengthen our position in North Rhine-Westphalia and to start building our profile there.


STARTPLATZ is an important incubator and accelerator for startups with offices in Cologne and Düsseldorf. As part of this, an ecosystem was created that offers aspiring startups and innovative companies space to grow, advice and coaching.

What are the next steps?

The kick-off event for the accelerator program will take place on May 3rd. By successfully participating in the program, we will like to strengthen our market position in North Rhine-Westphalia. There we see a high potential for our platform through the well-developed eGovernment integration and the large market. We are also very confident that we will find new and innovative employees who can advance Divizend further.

As of today, our collaboration with wallstreet:online is public in the form of a landing page at In particular, our interactive dividend calendar, the Divizend Screener, is presented there in more detail, together with the possibility to immediately try it out.

What are the next steps?

Today the cornerstone for the promising journalistic collaboration between Divizend and Germany's largest stock exchange portal was laid. In the area of dividends and international withholding taxes, we will regularly provide you with valuable information and keep you informed of the latest news. In cooperation with wallstreet:online, we are also planning to develop further innovative value-added services relating to dividends, stocks and value investing, for example to make articles more interactive.

Divizend was able to prevail among almost all participating startups and finally won second place at this year's SelectUSA Pitching Competition.

What is SelectUSA?

The annual SelectUSA Investment Summit is an international conference aimed at strengthening the United States' status as the world's leading center for innovation. SelectUSA connects qualified foreign companies with US business development organizations to facilitate corporate investments and job creation.

The SelectUSA Startup Pitching Competition is a competition organized by the US Embassy. Most of the participating startups come from Germany and aim to expand into the USA.

The next steps

Thanks to our successful participation, we now have the opportunity to pitch at this year's SelectUSA Investment Summit. This second place further supports our expansion plans to the USA and we will continue to gain strategically important contacts for this.

Divizend is one of more than 270 startups that were selected for membership of TechQuartier and can now benefit from a global community of startups, corporates, policy makers, investors and partners.

What is the TechQuartier?

TechQuartier is Germany's largest FinTech hub and one of the most important startup platforms. It has set itself the goal of promoting and supporting entrepreneurship and innovation among German FinTechs.

How will we benefit from TechQuartier?

TechQuartier brings together a community of startups, companies and investors, which holds over 270 events every year and provides about 5,000 square meters of office space at highly favorable conditions. TechQuartier is located in Frankfurt am Main, a strategically extremely important location for Divizend, as it is the center of the German financial sector. In addition to that, with a new location in Frankfurt am Main, it will be even easier for us to recruit new employees and establish strategic partnerships.

Divizend is now one of 18 members of the OpenWealth Association. This membership enables us to join the Swiss securities and finance community.

What is the OpenWealth Association?

Die OpenWealth Association is an association founded in February 2021 by leading financial service providers and Swiss banks with the goal of strengthening Switzerland as a financial center and innovation center by bringing together financial institutions, WealthTech and other service providers and defining the Open API standard for establishing a global asset management community.

How will Divizend and the OpenWealth Association benefit from each other?

We can contribute our experience in the field of securities APIs. In return, we can benefit from the longstanding expertise of the Swiss securities and finance community. Our current goal is to open up interesting markets in the wealth management sector. In the first step, we are primarily concerned with Switzerland and Luxembourg, where we see particularly great potential for Divizend’s solutions. The close cooperation with the other members of the OpenWealth Association that will begin in the next few weeks will bring us closer to this goal in the long term.