21. Mai 2021

Divizend was accepted into CATAPULT Kickstarter

With its participation in CATAPULT Kickstarter and the program’s mentoring sessions, workshops and contacts with industrial partners, Divizend makes another important step towards the Luxembourg market.

What is CATAPULT Kickstarter?

CATAPULT Kickstarter 2021 is a four-week program developed by the LHoFT Foundation in close cooperation with the Luxembourg Ministry of Economic Affairs. The program is targeted at ten FinTech startups from around the world and supports the participating companies in their growth with excellent partners from the financial industry. In order to effectively use the strengths of the Luxembourg community and skills, the selected companies are all involved in providing services for financial institutions (B2B), with a particular focus on InsurTech, Regetech, Fundtech and ESG (Greentech).

What are the next steps?

Five of the ten participating companies will be granted up to €50,000 from the Luxembourg Ministry of Economic Affairs upon fulfilling the funding eligibility criteria. Through the successful participation, we will establish further valuable contacts to the Luxembourg financial industry, in particular to banks, asset managers and family offices.