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Frequently asked questions

Will the withholding tax be offset against the usual tax-free allowance of € 801 per person in Germany?

No, not the actual withholding tax, this is always independent of the allowance. The allowance only applies to domestic taxes in Germany.

Does Divizend also offer withholding tax exemptions (relief at source)?

No, we currently only offer refunds for withholding tax that has already been paid.

Does Divizend also offer withholding tax refunds on interest payments?

No, we only offer withholding tax refunds on foreign dividends.

How long does the full refund process take?

There is no general answer to this question, as the answer largely depends on the respective foreign tax offices. In our past tests, a refunding the Swiss withholding tax took an average of three to four weeks.

Can I choose for which countries I would like to request a refund?

Yes, you can choose which countries you want to request a refund for as well as for which individual dividend payments.

Do you offer refunds for institutional investors?

Our platform is currently aimed at natural persons. However, we are working on making our platform available to institutional investors.

What fees do I have to expect?

If you make a withholding tax refund through our Divizend Maximizer, we will charge a fee of 17.5% of your refund amount. For example, if you have the option of refunding €200, you pay us €35 in advance.

When will I pay these fees?

The fees are collected after you have entered all the data required for an application and uploaded all needed documents. We are doing it this way so that we never have to ask for a power of attorney from you, so we usually have no knowledge of when the refund is actually paid out to you.

If the foreign tax office has any questions or in case there are other problems with your claim, we will of course continue to stay in touch with you. This means that after your payment to us, we will support you in the entire further application process free of charge and, if necessary, refund the fees you have paid.

Can I add a second email address?

No, you can only use one email address for your Divizend user account.

Can I also refund withholding tax paid on dividends from US-based companies?

Germany has agreed on double taxation agreements (DTA) with most of the world's countries. Practically all of these agreements define that 15% of the withholding tax withheld can be offset against the capital gains tax paid in Germany.

The withholding tax rate in the US is 15%, so the full withholding tax credited and no refund is available. In Switzerland, however, the withholding tax rate is 35%. 15% will be credited to you according to the German-Swiss DTA, the difference (20% of the gross dividend) can be refunded via our platform.

Can the Divizend Screener be used free of charge?

Yes, our screener is free and openly accessible to everyone.

Do you have further questions?

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].