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Open API Engineering

Core responsibilities

  • Understand the scope of our Neo4j-based Securities Database (SecDB) and REST-based Securities Aggregation API (SecAPI).
  • Conceptualize and realize an environment to allow public access to both, including a sandbox. This also needs a secure authentication mechanism (such as via API keys) with a strong focus on cyber security, as well as consider rate limiting etc. Possibly closely collaborate with Divizend’s cloud infrastructure team, e.g., for sandboxed or redundant instances in Kubernetes/Docker.
  • For the SecDB, create a mechanism to allow the public to submit and securely execute openCypher queries.
  • Create public API documentation sites for both, e.g., via Docusaurus.


  • Be able to create new finance-related APIs and appropriate, elaborate, easy to understand (OpenAPI) documentation
  • Experience in DevOps + cyber security (know about openCypher and REST attack vectors)
  • Showcasing previous project involving the design of public APIs is a plus


Apply via email to [email protected].