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Financial UI/UX Engineering

Core responsibilities

  • Based on our Securities Database’s contents and data provided by our Securities API, develop ideas on which types of general-purpose Actor modules shall become possible (e.g., diagrams or other types of charts for visualization, analytics and trading).
  • Identify common UI components in these ideas and precisely specify their design and layout in an abstracted way, which should eventually allow assembling them arbitrarily. The design shall be based on Divizend’s existing style guide.
  • Create a JSON-based data format to declaratively assemble these components.
  • Implement the individual components in React to create a shared UI library, as well as the UI declaration language.


  • Outstanding analytical skill set, with the ability to break down and find abstract patterns in complex UIs with high attention to detail
  • Strong experience in frontend programming (React) with highly dynamic and declarative UIs, creating UI libraries and visually representing financial data
  • High-class work samples of previous projects on this topic are a plus


Apply via email to [email protected].