We help private investors maximize their dividend returns.

Divizend is a technology company developing solutions for investing in dividend stocks and related tax issues. Our goal is to become the central point of contact for investors on the subject of dividends with our holistic “Find, Act, Maximize” approach.

Dividend market is a trillion dollar business

In times of zero interest rate policies by the central banks and in the context of COVID-19, more and more institutional investors, family offices and individual private investors become interested in dividend stocks. Currently, this means an annual market volume of $90B in paid withholding taxes on cross-border securities, $18B of which are still unreclaimed.

Chart source: Janus Henderson

1372 bn USD

in paid dividends

in 2018

90 bn USD

in paid withholding tax on cross border securities

in 2018

18 bn USD

in unreclaimed withholding tax on cross border securities

in 2018

The investment platform for dividends

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Divizend assembles high-quality dividend data, interfaces to many important custodian banks and brokers, as well as to a large and growing number of foreign tax offices.

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Our international, bank-independent API for securities aggregation as well as our graph-based securities database with revolutionary high data quality were developed entirely in-house and are the foundation for our applications.

Divizend is a leading B2B2C FinTech

With our strong partnerships in the following five sectors, we have a strong foundation, which we are steadily expanding, and consequently create a highly attractive value add. If you belong to one of these sectors, we look forward to hearing from you at [email protected].

National and international banks
High-traffic finance portals
Business and finance magazines
Bank software providers
Tax software providers
Increased customer retention
Increased revenue through additional services
More cross-border investments
As an agile API-first and cloud-first company, we can easily and rapidly implement a suitable solution with you.
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